I commenced drafting this note ~4 weeks ago when daily Covid cases in India were bottoming out every day, front-line workers had already received the mandated two doses of the Covid vaccine, vulnerable population (Ages 60+ and 45+ with comorbidities) were being vaccinated at a great pace, and 50% of…

I have read numerous posts and books which try to explain in 1000 words or 1000 pages either of the following:

insert {how to}

1/earn more money through investing

2/analyze investment opportunities

3/scout the next multi-bagger

4/always beat the market

This entire process can be intimidating. All the time. Especially…

Walking to greener flourishing pastures…

The ideal world and ideal governments were shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic and frequency of climate change events in the world. India, with the largest population, was still a developing nation with the ambition of being a superpower on the back on industrialization, read burning fossil fuels. But she knew…


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